Atlhetica introduces a flavor of Best Whey ISO made with real coffee

mochaccino canela best whey iso

Our International Brand Of The Year nominee, Atlhetica Nutrition out of Brazil, has introduced a new flavor for its leaner and higher-quality Best Whey ISO. While the supplement does already come in quite the selection of flavors, the latest release is quite different, and it adds something extra to the experience that the others don’t.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s all-new Best Whey ISO flavor is something for coffee lovers with Mocaccino Canela or Mochaccino Cinnamon. The flavor features the product’s usual whey isolate formula providing 25g of protein. Also, to give it that realistic coffee taste, it is made with real coffee, which in turn comes with 40mg of caffeine per serving.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s new Mocaccino Canela or Mochaccino Cinnamon Best Whey ISO is hitting stores and stockists in the usual size options with a 900g tub and single-serving sachets.