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First-ever limited edition version of Blo coming in Myoblox 2020 XO Series

myoblox xo series 2020

The XO Series is one of Myoblox’s longer-running series of limited edition products, and it has now been confirmed it’s making a return for the new decade. If you’re not familiar with the brand’s special edition series, they’re sets of limited versions of already available supplements that come with unique flavors and extra ingredients for added effectiveness.

Unlike previous years, for the 2020 take on the XO Series, Myoblox is releasing special edition versions of Blo and its popular nootropic Skywalk. This is actually the first time the brand has ever done a limited launch for its pre-workout Blo, which features a stimulant-free formula aimed up enhancing pumps as opposed to Myoblox’s more well-rounded pre-workout Loco.

Myoblox is planning to drop its XO Series versions of Skywalk and Blo sometime next month, and as always, you will want to grab them as soon as they become available. As mentioned, the brand only makes limited amounts of these special edition series, and the upcoming XO line is no different, with just 500 units each being produced of Skywalk and Blo.

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