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Green and teal-colored RAZE Energy likely to be next for the performance drink

green and teal raze energy

The delicious energy drink RAZE Energy that comes with a strong 300mg of caffeine and zero calories, is getting a new flavor in the very near future. The company behind the increasingly popular beverage has shared a teaser of a new RAZE Energy option featuring a black and grey can; however, that is not necessarily the next flavor for the drink.

RAZE Energy has confirmed, the next likely flavor of its tasty and globally available energy beverage is going to be a much brighter, green, and teal-colored product. We have no idea what the taste of that Raze Energy will be, especially since the brand has proven to be quite creative with its flavors and colors like in Voodoo and Galaxy Burst.

More details on that green and teal RAZE Energy will be revealed soon, but it looks like the growing brand is wasting no time in getting some hype and excitement going in 2020.