Nick’s adds crispy filled protein bars to its delicious functional family

nicks protein crisp bar

In the last couple of months, the Swedish brand Nick’s, who is on a mission to improve the world of snacks, hit the market with two new flavors of its protein bar. The functional company has a wide selection of tasty snacks available, all with no added sugar, including ice cream, sweeteners, flavor drops, and on-the-go protein bars.

The newest addition to the brand’s growing family of foods and snacks is Nick’s Protein ‘N Brownie Crisp and Protein ‘N Nougat Crisp. The products come loaded with crispy pieces, as you can see in some of its pictures. They also have no palm oil, are gluten-free, and provide 11g of protein, 8g of net carbohydrates, and 188 calories.

While Nick’s Protein ‘N Brownie and Protein ‘N Nougat Crisp bars don’t pack a whole lot of protein, or at least compared to that usual 20g, it looks like they make up ground with great taste. Both products are now available for purchase in the UK and Europe from major retailers like Amazon, where a box of 12 will cost you £29.90.

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