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NOS is releasing a new energy drink with 300mg of caffeine and BCAAs

nos turbo energy drink

Sometime in 2020, the energy drink brand NOS is coming out with a more performance type beverage similar to the likes of Reign Body Fuel and Bang Energy. The new product is NOS Turbo, which features a similar-looking design to the Nitro Mango flavor of the brand’s regular energy drink with a mix of orange and blue.

The NOS Turbo energy drink comes with a strong 300mg of caffeine for increased energy alongside the three BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and it has zero sugar. The amount of caffeine in NOS Turbo is a rather large leap compared to the original NOS beverage, which has just over half that at 160mg per can.

As mentioned, the performance energy drink NOS Turbo is due to launch sometime this year in a traditional 16oz can size.