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Performa claims the title of world’s biggest shaker with its new Activ 48

performa worlds biggest shaker

While we have seen some pretty beefy shakers over the years with the likes of Core 150 and BlenderBottle’s Pro45, none of them top the newest bottle from Performa. The original superhero shaker company has introduced the Activ 48, which is its recently released Activ shaker design with an enormous 48oz bottle volume.

Performa claims its Activ 48 is the biggest shaker on the planet, and as far as we know, that is true. The largest one we had seen up until this point was BlenderBottle’s Pro45, with a cup volume of 45oz. With Performa’s beast of a bottle at 48oz or 1.419 liters, it has BlenderBottle’s contender beat by 6.66% or exactly 3oz.

The Activ 48 is now available to pre-order from Performa’s website with the product due to ship in a little less than one month from now on the 13th of February. It is launching in the one black color, and considering how big it is, it’s priced quite reasonably at $13.99 each, which is only $4 more than the regular 28oz Activ shaker.

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