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Chemix confirms its potent GDA will be here within the next few weeks

chemix gda

While the Guerrilla Chemist’s Chemix did confirm it has a sleep formula and nootropic supplement in the works, in 2019, there was apparently one other item that was also being worked on. That other product is a glucose disposal agent simply named Chemix GDA, and it’s now been revealed we’re going to get that one before either of the others.

Chemix has shared the first look at the actual label of its upcoming Chemix GDA, which is not something we’ve seen for its sleep supplement or nootropic that are still on the way. The brand’s upcoming entry into the complex GDA market aims to maximize nutrient partitioning, increase glycogen storage, and improve insulin sensitivity.

As for the ingredients the Guerrilla Chemist and his brand have packed into Chemix GDA, we only know of two in Cinnulin PF and the branded Super Berberine. There are other features in the product, which, based on all of the brand’s other loaded supplements, will likely be heavily and effectively dosed to make for a genuinely competitive GDA.

We don’t have an exact date for the launch of Chemix GDA from the Guerrilla Chemist; however, it has been said the product will be here within the next few weeks, so it definitely sounds near.