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Quamtrax unveils its line of high-protein ready-to-eat meals in three choices

quamtrax ready to eat meals

Quamtrax Nutrition has just announced a whole new category of products that you’ll rarely see supplement companies tackle, if at all. The popular Spanish brand has unveiled its first-ever ready-to-eat, healthy and high-protein meals with three different recipes to choose from, and all of which sound quite tasty.

The convenient meals from Quamtrax Nutrition include Chicken in Hunter Style Sauce with Bulgur and Vegetables; Chicken in Mediterranean Sauce with Bulgur and Vegetables; and a classic Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s ready-to-eat meals are quite heavy nutritionally with between 79 to 91g of protein packed into each 300g container. The carbohydrates are also right up there with 75g, although in the Sweet and Sour Chicken, it’s much higher at 128g. The fat is around 13 to 16g, with calorie counts ranging from 810 to 972.

All of the meals from Quamtrax Nutrition can be stored outside of the refrigerator and are made with only natural ingredients, including things like chicken, tomato, onion, peppers, and pineapple. The products are also very easy to prepare; simply throw one in the microwave, and it’ll be ready to eat in just two minutes.

Quamtrax Nutrition plans on launching all three of its ready-to-eat meals in Spain, in the coming months, with all of its usual stores and stockists available to carry the selection.

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