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All-new Rockstar Juiced in stores now with a mix of energy and real fruit juice

rockstar juiced

The energy drink brand Rockstar has announced a new beverage to start the New Year, with the reintroduction of Rockstar Juiced. Similar to its fellow energy drink competitor Monster and its product Monster Juice, Rockstar Juiced is a beverage that combines a typical energy drink with real fruit juice.

Rockstar’s fresh new drink for the all-new decade comes with 8% real fruit juice, no added sugar, and a solid 160mg of caffeine for an anytime energy boost. It is obviously not a completely zero-calorie beverage with 20 per can and two tastes to choose from in Pineapple, Orange & Guava, and Island Mango.

Rockstar’s new sparkling Rockstar Juiced is in stores now and available for purchase in both flavors with a bright and colorful, eye-catching can design.