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SD brings back its dendrobium supplement but in vegetable capsules

sd pharmaceuticals dendrobium

SD Pharmaceuticals, best known for its single-ingredient supplements, has come out with an updated version of its original dendrobium capsule formula. The brand has brought back the product with some minor changes, the first of which is a new label design featuring a more subtle and spacious layout that still communicates all of the same information.

The second change SD Pharmaceuticals has made to the energizing supplement is to its capsules. Originally the brand had its dendrobium formula encased in blue gelatin capsules; however, it has now opted for clear vegetable ones. As far as we can tell, nothing has changed on the inside, with each serving of the product continuing to provide 600mg of dendrobium.

While SD Pharmaceuticals has yet to make the updated supplement available for purchase, we’ve been told it won’t be long before fans start seeing in stores and on shelves.

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