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SteelFit creates a caffeine-free fat burner for its female followers

steelfit steel slim

The original topical supplement company SteelFit has a new weight loss product available this week that has been formulated specifically for its female fans. The brand’s latest creation is Steel Slim featuring a variety of transparently dosed ingredients, promising to provide an exciting combination of benefits.

You can see the facts panel for SteelFit’s Steel Slim directly below, bringing together a total of 11 different ingredients, none of which are caffeine or a source of caffeine. The formula includes the likes of CapsiAtra, grains of paradise at 50mg per serve, and 100mg of TeaCrine for long-lasting, smooth energy.

steelfit steel slim

The combination of ingredients behind Steel Slim aims to enhance mood, help burn fat, suppress appetite, and, as mentioned, provide sustained energy. Once again, there is no caffeine in the supplement, due to SteelFit wanting to avoid any unwanted jitters and crash that sometimes comes from caffeine.

Fans of SteelFit can grab Steel Slim starting this week from its online store at a price of $39.95 per bottle, which will last you the usual 30 days, taking one serving per day. If you’re subscribed to our Stack3d Insider, you can also use your coupon for an extra 20% off and drop Steel Slim to $31.99.