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Supplements Needs puts more than just carbs in its HBCD intra-workout

supplement needs intra carb

Supplement Needs is a reputable retailer over in the UK that sells a strong selection of brands, including the likes of Redcon1, Performax Labs, and BioHack. The store also has its own line of products that continues to grow this week with an all-new and fairly creative intra-workout carbohydrate supplement named Intra Carb+.

The latest creation from Supplement Needs is as mentioned a carbohydrate product, although carbs aren’t all the brand has put into this one. Every scoop of Intra Carb+ comes with 25g of carbohydrates from patented Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin.

What makes Supplement Needs’ Intra Carb+ so unique is that alongside that quality carb source, there are three other ingredients to make for a complete intra-workout experience. Also included in the product is 2.5g of d-ribose for ATP production, 500mg of dipotassium phosphate, and 2.5g of GlycerSize glycerol to enhance muscle pumps.

Intra Carb+ comes in an unflavored powder with 30 servings per tub, and costs £29.99 (39.38 USD). There are a couple of ways to save on the intra-workout; however, you will have to buy a bit more. If you grab two tubs of Supplement Needs’ Intra Carb+ you’ll get them for £27.50 each, or get it with the store’s Intra EAA for a combined £64.99.