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Jordan Peters tweaks his GDA for the better with twice as much berberine

trained by jp nutrition in sure

In an effort to evolve and improve, Jordan Peters’ brand Trained By JP Nutrition, has released an updated version of its glucose disposal agent In-Sure. The supplement has held on to all of the ingredients and dosages that made the original so great but with double the amount of berberine and synephrine now in the mix.

The tweaks Trained By JP Nutrition has made to In-Sure aim to improve the effectiveness of the product and its ability to help your body utilize carbohydrates more efficiently. Considering everything else in the supplement is exactly the same, fans of the previous version are only going to like the reformulation more.

The new and improved In-Sure consists of 1g of berberine, 500mg of bitter melon, 300mg of ALA, 25mg of vanadyl sulfate, 350mg of benfotiamine, 500mcg of chromium picolinate, and 2mg of black pepper for better absorption.

While all of those ingredients come wrapped up in a three-capsule serving, Jordan Peters himself says he won’t use that full amount, all of the time. For his high carbohydrate meals outside of post-workout, Peters relies on just two capsules, which if you do follow that method, you will get a lot more servings out of In-Sure.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s revamped In-Sure is now in stock and available through its online store at £1 more than its predecessor with a price of £34.99. Each bottle comes with a total of 60, full three-capsule servings; however, if you plan on taking less at the likes of two capsules, it becomes a 90 serving bottle.