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Lipo X gets upgraded to Lipo X Gold with three new ingredients in the mix

usn lipo x gold

USN has introduced a new version of its well-known fat burner available in South America, with Phedracut Lipo X Gold. Based on how the South African brand is promoting its latest weight loss competitor, it simply sounds like it’s taken the previous Phedracut Lipo X, and added in three new ingredients to make for a more comprehensive experience.

Phedracut Lipo X Gold from USN comes with all of the same highlighted ingredients as its predecessor, including 200mg of caffeine, 400mg of Meratrim, and 75mg of EnXtra. As for the new additions to the formula, there is 100mg of theanine, 100mcg of chromium for cravings, and 50mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise for further weight loss support.

The combination of ingredients in USN’s Pedracut Lipo X Gold promises all of the usual fat burner benefits such as increased energy, thermogenesis, and focus, as well as overall weight loss and appetite control. The brand has said fans and followers can expect to see its latest and greatest fat burner available online sometime this week.