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Xplosive Ape drops details on its cost-effective fat burner Shredder

xplosive ape shredder

Next week, Xplosive Ape is coming out with its first new supplement since it launched its full-spectrum EAA formula last year at BodyPower. The next product from Xplosive, who was previously just an apparel and accessory company, is an entry into the extremely competitive world of weight loss with a supplement named Shredder.

Xplosive Ape’s Shredder is actually going to be quite an interesting competitor in the fat-burning category, mostly because of the key points the UK brand has built it around. Shredder comes with eight different ingredients for the usual benefits of a weight loss product alongside some not so common effects.

Shredder is packed with stimulants for energy and a feel-good effect, nootropics for mental focus and brain function, and of course, ingredients to help burn fat. Another key highlight of Xplosive Ape’s weight loss formula is it’s designed to be cost-effective and not take away your entire supplement budget for the month.

xplosive ape shredder

You can get a look at the entire combination of ingredients Xplosive Ape has pulled together Shredder in its fully transparent facts panel below. It comes with a solid dose of caffeine, at least for a fat burner at just over 200mg per capsule, along with the GDA ingredient berberine and the common weight-loss feature grains of paradise.

Once again, Xplosive Ape plans on releasing Shredder next week in its local UK marketplace in a 60 capsule bottle. We’re not sure on the product’s exact price, but as mentioned, it is intended to be relatively cost-effective, so we don’t imagine it breaking the bank.