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4+ Nutrition gives its mass gainer XXXL the ß probiotic treatment

4 plus nutrition xxxl mass gainer

Last year 4+ Nutrition revamped two of its popular protein powders with the whey concentrate Whey+, and the whey isolate ISO+. The Italian supplement company kept the original formulas for both products pretty much the same, with the key difference being that 4+ infused the two with probiotics for additional gut health support.

This month, 4+ Nutrition has gone ahead and done much the same thing for its mass gainer XXXL, which has been upgraded with probiotics and is now named XXXL ß+. The rest of the product is mostly the same with a balance of 13g of protein, 35g of carbohydrates, 19g of sugar, just 1.5g of fat, and a total of 213 calories.

As for the ingredients powering 4+ Nutrition’s revamped XXXL ß+, you still get a blend of whey concentrate, hydrolysate, and isolate, casein, and soy, providing the protein, with maltodextrin, dextrose, and fructose as the carbohydrate sources. The additional vitamins and minerals have also remained, as well as the extra BCAAs and fenugreek.

4+ Nutrition’s all-new XXXL ß+ is now out and available in its home country of Italy in just the one 1.5kg tub size, and only one flavor to choose from in a traditional Chocolate.