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Alpha Designs unveils its complete meal bag with room for almost everything

alpha designs meal system

The UK’s Alpha Designs has long been our favorite company when it comes to bottles to train and workout with. The brand has consistently delivered quality products starting with its premium Alpha Bottle, then on to its robust jug, the Alpha Bottle XXL. You may also remember last year Alpha Designs teased some sort of bag, which it has now finally introduced.

The Alpha Designs Meal System is the latest creation from the fitness accessory company, with a dive into the always interesting meal management market. The product is a fully loaded meal bag, giving you the ability to carry everything you’d need for the day and more. It features an insulated main compartment to slide in and conveniently carry five medium or three large meal containers.

alpha designs meal system

As you’d expect from the brand, there is more to the Alpha Designs Meal System than just the ability to carry meals. It has deep pockets on either side of the shoulder carrying bag, big enough to fit an Alpha Bottle shaker and Alpha Bottle XL, both of which it comes with. Then on top, you get a compartment filled with a pillbox and a cutlery set, as well as a sleeve on the back to attach it to your suitcase.

You can now pre-order the Alpha Designs Meal System through its website at £69.99 (89.74 USD) each, in just the one black color. You do get to pick the colors of the shaker and jug that come with it, and there are simple addons for those that want extra meal containers. Shipping is free for those of you in the UK, with pre-orders being sent out in just a few days on Wednesday of next week.

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