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Apollon unveils its upcoming version of the powerful nootropic Overtime

apollon nutrition overtime

Overtime is a reputable and powerful nootropic supplement from Apollon Nutrition’s sister company Anarchy Labs, that is being brought over to Apollon in the coming months. The product will, of course, get a fresh new look to match the rest of the brand’s lineup, although that is not all that’s changing with the strong focus supplement.

As well as moving Overtime to a new brand, Apollon Nutrition is giving the nootropic product a new and improved formula. If you’re one of the many fans of the original Anarchy Labs Overtime, you don’t need to worry about anything changing. The new version is actually keeping every ingredient and dose from its predecessor, and adding one new compound on top.

The addition to the Apollon Nutrition Overtime is the focus boosting ingredient Noopept dosed at 30mg per serving. Everything else in the supplement is exactly the same, including 2g of tyrosine, half a gram of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and dicaffeine malate, 160mg of Teacrine, and a solid 600mg of the nootropic lion’s mane.

apollon nutrition overtime

Definitely pay attention to the caffeine dosage on this one, as it is higher than your typical focus type product, especially if you’re planning to use it outside of the gym. We’d personally start with half a serving of this one for work, gaming, or just to be more productive, and then build from there to find the serving size that works best for the situation.

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition plans to bring Overtime to its lineup with its fresh new look and formula, within the next month or so. For now, you can still purchase the Anarchy Labs version through Apollon’s online store at $49.95 for a 20 full serving bottle, which as far as we know, will be the price on the upcoming Noopept enhanced Overtime.