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First look at Arms Race Nutrition’s comprehensive products Stabilize and Clarity

arms race nutrition clarity stabilize

It was already confirmed that Arms Race Nutrition from Doug Miller, Julian Smith, and Kenton Engel, would be coming out with a hormone support supplement named ‘Stabilize’. The product aims to provide complete hormone health, helping out in several different ways supporting testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, and insulin.

Arms Race Nutrition has now shared the first look at Stabilize, which you can see in the image above and below. The capsule supplement is coming in a traditional bottle, with that bottle also being packaged inside of a custom box. Stabilize is due to launch sometime in April, and it turns out, it won’t be hitting the market alone.

arms race nutrition clarity stabilize

In April, alongside Stabilize, Arms Race Nutrition is releasing a second capsule product named ‘Clarity’, that is formulated to do exactly that and more. The brand’s other upcoming item aims to provide comprehensive brain health support, including effects such as enhanced focus and mood, wellness, and, as per its title, mental clarity.

Come April, both Arms Race Nutrition’s Stabilize and Clarity are going to be available through the brand’s online store as well as its retail partner GNC.