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BEAM infuses its upcoming collagen competitor with a full-spectrum of EAAs

beam collagen peptides

Following on from BEAM’s unveiling of one of its first four supplements with a somewhat advanced whey-based protein powder, it has shared details on another upcoming item. The second product coming from the soon-to-be-released brand is slightly more on-trend with a collagen formula, but with a rather creative twist.

BEAM’s simply named Collagen Peptides does indeed contain collagen peptides, at a dose of 10g per serving to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. However, unlike a lot of the many other collagen powered supplements on the market, BEAM’s entry into the realm has a bit more to it with extra ingredients for added benefits.

Alongside the collagen peptides, BEAM’s product has various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, biotin, and vitamin C to help with collagen synthesis. The supplement also comes with a full-spectrum of EAAs in the form of the premium Amino9 blend at 3.7g per serving, all wrapped up in a conveniently unflavored powder.

BEAM’s Collagen Peptides is due to launch at the same time as its previously previewed protein powder and two other products that have yet to be revealed. The intriguing new brand’s big debut date is Wednesday the 4th of March, which is right in the middle of the always exciting and interesting Arnold Week.