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Pump Addict looks like it’s getting a stimulant-free version for pumps

believe supplements pump addict stimulant-free

The Canada-based brand Believe Supplements has teased an all-new supplement this week, and it looks like fans of the brand’s original pre-workout, Pump Addict, have something to look forward too. Pump Addict was first launched back in 2018 and is still going strong today, featuring a stimulant powered formula and available in six flavors.

Based on the teaser Believe Supplements has shared, we’re guessing its upcoming product will be a stimulant-free spin-off of Pump Addict. While a good amount of the brand’s teaser is blurred, we can see its name, with ‘Pump Addict SF’. We suspect that ‘SF’ stands for stimulant-free, hence why we’re going with the guess that we are, for now.

A few other details we can see in the Pump Addict SF teaser are that its formula will have highlights dosed at 6g, 2g, and 850mg. The product also refers to itself as a ‘Premium Muscle Pumps Enhancer’, which puts even more confidence in our guess at a stimulant-free Pump Addict, as most stim-free pre-workouts tend to focus on enhancing pumps.

Believe Supplements hasn’t confirmed any release date or week for the new Pump Addict SF, but it has said that more details, including the flavors it’ll launch in, are to be announced in the forthcoming weeks. If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming release, as always, be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d.