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Beyond Raw wants fans to decide which limited Lit On-The-Go it should bring back

beyond raw lit rtd coming back

The GNC exclusive Beyond Raw is doing a little bit of what we’ve seen from REPP Sports and RAZE for its energy drink version of the pre-workout Lit. It is asking fans on social media to vote between three previously released flavors of the product from today through until the end of the month on Saturday of this week.

The flavors of the Lit energy drink Beyond Raw is giving everyone to decide between are Tangy Orange, Rawberry Fizz, and the just over six-month-old Cherry Bomb. The option that ends up with the most votes will not only return to shelves and be available once again, but it will become a permanent flavor in the beverage’s lineup.

To get in on the action and have your say on the return of Tangy Orange, Rawberry Fizz, or Cherry Bomb, head over to Beyond Raw or GNC’s Instagram page and interact on their Lit On-The-Go post.

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