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German brand Big Zone drops Kidney+ for complete complete kidney support

big zone kidney plus

Germany’s hardcore supplement company Big Zone, has come out with another general health type product named ‘Kidney+’. As the name of the supplement suggests, the brand’s new Kidney+ is all about kidney health. It combines together a variety of ingredients, all of which Big Zone says have a significant impact on kidney health.

Each one of Big Zone’s 180 Kidney+ capsules comes with half a gram of astragalus extract, 75mg each of goldenrod and celery seed extract, and 100mg of angelicae sinensis. The German brand directs users to take a serving size of six capsules once per day, so an entire bottle will be enough to supply you for the usual 30 days.

Like all of Big Zone’s other products, the best place to go to get your hands on Kidney+ is the German supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition. Through the store’s website, the kidney health formula will cost you €36.61 (40.10 USD), and it can, of course, be stacked with all of Big Zone’s other products.

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