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Newest fat burner from Body & Fit uses sustained release technology

body and fit fat burner

Body & Fit is a major online retailer out in Europe that services several countries in the region, although it does a little more than sell a variety of supplements. A lot of the products on the store’s website are from its own Body & Fit brand that has just launched an all-new weight loss supplement with the appropriately named ‘Sustained Release Fat Burner’.

As per its title, Body & Fit’s latest competitor for the saturated weight loss market is a stimulant fueled formula that combines all of its ingredients with sustained release technology. What that means is, after taking a serving of the product, the ingredients release into your system over a period of time, as opposed to right away like most other supplements.

Body & Fit’s Sustained Release Fat Burner contains a mostly non-transparent combination of acetyl-l-carnitine and choline for focus, ashwagandha, B vitamins, chromium, and BioPerine for absorption. We say mostly non-transparent, as the brand has not revealed any of the dosages of those ingredients, but has confirmed caffeine is in the mix at 200mg.

You can grab Sustained Release Fat Burner starting this week through any of Body & Fit’s many online stores covering a huge amount of countries in Europe as well as some in Asia and Africa. The price on the slow release weight loss product through Body & Fit’s UK website is £24.99 (32.36 USD) for a box of 60 capsules.