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Bodylab’s full-spectrum EAA is here and costs just a little more than its BCAA

bodylab eaa

We recently unveiled Bodylab’s newest amino creation with the full-spectrum EAA supplement appropriately named ‘EAA’. It is the Danish brand’s first amino product featuring all nine essential amino acids as opposed to just the three BCAAs, with a combined total of 6g of EAAs packed into each of the supplement’s 30 servings per tub.

The amino acids in Bodylab EAA are all vegan fermented, and it has no sugar in any of its three flavors; Sweet Peach, Cola Lemon, and Sour Candy. Just as the brand promised, the full-spectrum EAA is now available for purchase through its website for only a little more than the price of its original BCAA powered amino at 169DKK (24.59 USD).

There is a way to get a bit of discount on Bodylab’s EAA, where if you buy three tubs, you’ll get just shy of 15% off, dropping the supplement down to 146DKK each.

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