Second cereal milk flavor for Ghost Vegan dropping on National Cereal Day

Feb 28th, 2020
chocolate cereal milk ghost vegan

Right now, the original lifestyle brand Ghost has three flavors available for its tasty plant-based, vegan-friendly protein Ghost Vegan. The supplement has long been one of our favorite vegan protein powders; in fact, it was the first one we ever tried that we enjoyed, as up until that point, they all came with an unbearable aftertaste.

The news this week is that Ghost has announced another flavor for its plant-based Ghost Vegan, which will be its second cereal milk-themed creation. Joining the current lineup of Pancake Batter, Banana Pancake Batter, and the original Peanut Butter Cereal Milk, is a sweet chocolate creation with Chocolate Cereal Milk.

While Ghost typically drops new products on a Thursday, for Chocolate Cereal Milk Ghost Vegan, it is going to be doing something a little different. The fourth flavor for the lifestyle brand’s top-rated vegan-friendly protein is due to launch on National Cereal Day, which is just over one week from today on Saturday, the 7th of March.