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Pandy welcomes Chocolate With Creamy Milk to its tasty Candy Bar

chocolate with creamy milk pandy candy bar

Just as it promised, today, Pandy has unveiled the long-awaited fourth flavor of its soft, sweet, and delicious, high-protein Candy Bar. This is actually the first new addition to the product’s menu since it hit the market \one and a half years ago in 2018 with Strawberry White Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt, and Nougat Hazelnut flavors.

The undoubtedly tasty option revealed and now available for Pandy’s top-rated protein bar is a Chocolate With Creamy Milk Pandy Candy Bar. The product is said to have a sweet and creamy main body, all covered in milk chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. Based on how good the other flavors are, you can almost guarantee this to be another great protein bar.

For those curious about the macros of Pandy’s Chocolate With Creamy Milk Candy Bar, it comes with the product’s usual 12g of protein, which is very reasonable considering it’s a 35g bar and not your usual 60g. You then have 13g of carbohydrates with only 1.5g of that sugar, 5.4g of fat (2.8g saturated fat), 1.1g of fiber, and a total of 135 calories.

The Chocolate With Creamy Milk Pandy Candy Bar is already in stock and available for purchase from the brand’s website at €25 (27.01 USD) for a box of 18 bars. The product has also launched through the brand’s fellow Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget in a smaller 12 bar box, but at the significantly more competitive price of 99 Kr (10.10 USD).

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