All-new Core Fury arrives for as low as $40 per tub for three plus a free tee

core fury platinum introductory deal

Core Nutritionals’ long-awaited Core Fury became available yesterday through the brand’s online store as well as several major supplement retailers. The formula behind the loaded product was revealed last week, and in true Core style, it features loaded dosages of reliable ingredients including citrulline, creatine, and VasoDrive-AP.

Also, as Core Nutritionals does with all of its major releases, the new Core Fury has launched with an introductory deal where you can save a good amount of money, although you do need to buy three tubs. The offer is get one Core Fury for $44.99 each, or three for $40 each in your choice of flavors, plus you’ll get a free baseball shirt.

For those wondering about the flavors, there are three to choose from in Cherry Burst, Tropic Thunder, and Black Lightning, so you can try the full family with the sale. Core Nutritionals’ Core Fury promotion is only available for a limited time from yesterday through until this coming Sunday, and exclusively at