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The latest Core Fury is coming to Australia but with a few changes

core nutritionals core fury australia

One of the many countries Core Nutritionals has a significant presence outside of the US, is down under in Australia. For those of you in the country wondering if the brand’s latest and greatest pre-workout, Core Fury Platinum, is making its way down there, the answer is yes; however, it will have a slightly different combination of ingredients.

To make the newest version of Core Fury compliant in Australia, Core Nutritionals is removing two of its energy and focus ingredients in halostachine and pregnenolone. The good news is, the brand isn’t just taking things out; it is adding an ingredient exclusively for the edited Fury with 3.2g of beta-alanine to support performance and endurance.

There is no word yet on when Core Nutritionals’ fans and followers in Australia are going to be seeing their Core Fury in stores and stockists, only that it is in the works. We wouldn’t be surprised if the brand makes some exclusive flavors for the version as well, as it has put together products just for the country in the past.