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NO3-T will be in the new Core Pump which also has something for focus

new core pump to feature no3-t nitrates

Something you may have noticed with Core Nutritionals’ latest and greatest stimulant pre-workout Core Fury, at least compared to the previous version, is that it does not feature any nitrates. The premium and patented group of ingredients help deliver solid pumps, but as mentioned, they’re not in the newest version of Core Fury.

While NO3-T nitrates are absent from the Core Nutritionals’ pre-workout, it still promises excellent muscle pumps. The other good news is, the brand is going to continue using nitrates, just not in its stimulant powered supplement. Core has confirmed nitrates will play a role in its upcoming Platinum version of Core Pump, alongside a few other pump enhancers.

Core Pump is Core Nutritionals’ stimulant-free pre-workout that focuses more on improving pumps than the more well-rounded Core Fury. It can be used on its own or stacked with Core Fury for even more intense pumps.

The inclusion of NO3-T nitrates is actually one of the first few details revealed for the new Core Pump, which is also said to feature something to improve mental focus. More information on that product will be shared in due time, but for now, the focus is on the brand’s all-new Core Fury, launching tomorrow, and promising to be Core’s best pre-workout to date.

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