DNS hints at new products for later in the year with the end of its fat burner

dns 4-way mega burn

4 Way Mega Burn is a weight loss supplement from the Japanese brand DNS, that comes in an orange-flavored powder and packaged in individual, single-serve sachets. The mix of ingredients in the product is relatively straightforward, with a gram each of carnitine and ornithine, 60mg of coQ10, and 10mg of synephrine.

DNS’s 4 Way Mega Burn has been around for quite some time; however, for 2020, the brand appears to be discontinuing the supplement. It is still available through the DNS website, although once that’s all gone, that is it. The current stock is expected to last for another couple of months, through until the end of March.

The good news is, DNS sounds like it’s launching new products seemingly in the same space as 4 Way Mega Burn, later this year. The brand has not revealed any names, images, or details about the upcoming supplements, only that they’ll be available around the time of the Tokyo Olympics between June and September.

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