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Gamma and G Fuel unveil their spicy flavor collaboration with Doom Eternal

doom eternal spicy demonade g fuel

Gamma Labs’ partnership with the upcoming game Doom Eternal has been revealed, and just as when it teamed up with Bandai Namco and Code Vein, it is for a unique flavor of G Fuel. When we say unique, we do indeed mean it, as the name of the flavor doesn’t tell you exactly what kind of taste you’re in for, but it is a spicy one.

The flavor title of the upcoming Doom Eternal G Fuel is “Spicy Demon’ade”, which sounds like a combination of spicy and lemonade. The team behind the popular gaming supplement has become quite familiar with creative flavor experiences that always tend to deliver, so it would certainly be interesting to see how this one actually tastes.

The latest Gamma Labs and G Fuel collaboration is currently listed as coming soon with no launch date, week, or rough timeframe confirmed just yet. If the unique Spicy Demon’ade G Fuel for Doom Eternal is like most of the supplement’s special edition flavors, it’ll release with a tub, shaker, and a limited collector’s box.

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