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Dragon Pharma revamps its full-spectrum EAA supplement Dr. FEAAR

dragon pharma new dr feaar

Dragon Pharma has revealed and released an all-new version of its amino supplement Dr. FEAAR this week, that as per its title, is powered by a full-spectrum of EAAs. The revamped Dr. FEAAR features everything that made the original so great with several tweaks and edits here and there that are well worth highlighting.

Starting with the formula, and all of the ingredients packed into Dragon Pharma’s new Dr. FEAAR, it still comes with 10g of EAAs. The brand has, however, switched from the branded Amino9 EAA blend to its own, leucine-heavy combination of the nine essential amino acids to help with muscle recovery and repair.

dragon pharma new dr feaar

Alongside the EAAs, Dragon Pharma has maintained Dr. FEAAR’s blend of ingredients for hydration, as well as its inclusion of 1g of PeakO2 to support performance. Another major area the brand has improved is flavor, with three new options in Raspberry Lemonade, Apple Juice, and Peach Mango, as well as the original’s Peach Guava.

Dragon Pharma’s upgraded amino supplement is available starting today from the brand’s website with the same 30 servings per tub at $49.99. Fans will also notice Dragon Pharma has given Dr. FEAAR a fresh new look that differs quite a bit from its predecessor by going with a brighter and slightly cleaner, mostly white label design.