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Mutant previews its full-spectrum EAA GEAAR ahead of its Arnold debut

mutant geaar

Mutant is another big name brand, who plans on introducing an all-new product at next week’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, with a full-spectrum EAA creatively named ‘GEAAR’. One week ahead of its debut, the legacy supplement company from Canada, has shared a preview of its amino, giving us a rough idea of what we’re in for.

Mutant’s upcoming GEAAR is going to be Informed Choice certified and powered by ten different aminos with a combination of arginine and the nine essential aminos for muscle recovery and repair. We don’t know the separate amounts of the EAAs, BCAAs, or arginine, although we can confirm their combined dose per serving is just shy of 10g at 9.4g.

There are more ingredients in Mutant’s GEAAR outside of the aminos, which will all be revealed next week, in line with its official launch at the Arnold Expo. The EAA product is also going to be available in a great selection of flavors right out of the gate with four in Tiger’s Blood, Rocket Pop, Sweet Iced Tea, and Blue Raspberry.

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