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Genius jumps into the joint category with a hemp oil infused formula

genius joint

The Genius Brand has entered the joint support supplement category this week with its previously confirmed joint formula, Genius Joint. As we’ve seen in several other products from the white and orange brand, the latest creation from the Genius team brings together a formula that’s mostly made up of branded ingredients.

Genius Joint comes with 300mg of VitaCherry tart cherry for inflammation and recovery, and to further help with inflammation, there is 150mg of ParActin and 100mg of Boswellin boswellia. Alongside all of that are three more branded ingredients in UC-II type II collagen, FruiteX-B calcium fructoborate, and CurcuWIN curcumin.

genius joint

The one last feature and the only non-branded ingredient in the Genius Brand’s entry into the joint support category, is hemp extract. Genius Joint comes with 20mg of premium, pure, and USA made hemp oil per serving, which has been included for its potential joint, anxiety, and stress relief benefits.

You can pick up Genius Brand’s Genius Joint starting today through its official website, although it will cost a little more than your average joint support supplement. Directly from the brand, Genius Joint is priced at $74.99, with each bottle providing the usual 30 days supply.