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Glaxon teases a stimulant-free competitor for the weight loss category

glaxon teases new non-stim fat burner

Glaxon is arguable one of the hottest brands on the market right now, after it burst onto the scene just a few months ago. It’s had a strong range of supplements right from the get-go and has continued to add to that lineup. This week, the growing company has started teasing its next product launch for a category it is already competing in.

Due to be available sometime soon from the creative team at Glaxon is another weight loss supplement, although unlike its original fat burner Slyce, this one is going to be stimulant-free. You will be able to stack it with Slyce for even better results, with its main focus being to provide weight loss support without any energy increasing stimulants.

As you may have noticed with the growth of its family of products that now totals over ten, Glaxon does move quite quickly when it comes to revealing and releasing new supplements. Based on that, while we have only just seen a teaser of its second fat burner, you’ll likely know all there is to know and be able to purchase it very soon.

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