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Green Apple joins GN Labs’ Narc Focus Zero menu as its first non-icy flavor

gn labs green apple narc focus zero

Narc Focus Zero is a zero-calorie energy beverage from the team at GN Labs in Germany that comes with a handful of ingredients for an anytime energy boost without calories. An entire can packs right around our preferred amount of caffeine in an energy drink, with 160mg, as well as 50mg of inositol and 100mg each of taurine and glucuronolactone.

GN Labs has now bumped up its Narc Focus Zero menu to a total of four flavors, as previously it had only three with Ice Tea Peach, Ice Orange, and the original Ice Shock. Joining that set of ‘Ice’ named options is a flavor that doesn’t actually keep things consistent and incorporate the word into its title with a fruit-based Green Apple Narc Focus Zero.

The new release features the same active ingredients as all of GN Labs’ other Narc Focus Zero options, including that reasonable 160mg of caffeine. As per usual, you can pick up the latest from the brand through its fellow German retailer Gigas Nutrition, where a case of 24 cans will cost you just €21.90 (23.73 USD), which is less than €1 a can.