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Up and coming Impel gets into the fat loss game with a caffeine-free competitor

impel nutrition chiseled

Impel Nutrition is an up and coming supplement company who only hit the market just over half a year ago. Up until this week, the brand had two products out and available with the pre-workout GSD Pre, and the full-spectrum EAA formula, LINKD. Today, Impel is expanding into another mainstream category, introducing its fat burner Chiseled.

Chiseled is now in stock and available through Impel Nutrition’s online store over at, where the brand is running a limited time sale to welcome its entry into the weight loss category. The current price on a full 90 capsule bottle of Chiseled is $49.99, with 90 capsules being enough to last you the usual 30 days using the supplement’s maximum serving.

As for the ingredients and dosages in Chiseled, Impel Nutrition has well and truly packed this one out. The brand has loaded it with 12 different ingredients, all of which are openly and transparently dosed. You can see the full combination of features in Chiseled in its label below, where you’ll notice caffeine is not in the mix, making it easier to stack with other products.

impel nutrition chiseled label

Some of the biggest highlights from Impel Nutrition’s first-ever fat burning formula include a solid 600mg of ashwagandha, 3mg of the stimulant alpha yohimbine, and half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine. Chiseled also comes with a few premium branded features in 100mg of Capsimax, 50mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise, and 25mg of the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

Impel Nutrition’s combination of ingredients in Chiseled aims to deliver a comprehensive mix of weight loss benefits such as improved focus and relaxation, enhanced thermogenesis, reduced water retention, and fat loss support. As mentioned, the supplement is caffeine-free, so you won’t get that signature caffeine boost, although that does mean you can combine it with caffeine if you feel the need.