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Ladder adds a mix of pineapple and mango to its pre-workout menu

ladder tropical fruit pre-workout

Ladder recently released new bulk bag size options for three of its four supplements; however, they don’t cost any less than the same amount of the brand’s single-serve sachets. Ladder has added another new item to its lineup this week, although this time it is not a size, but another flavor option for its pre-workout.

Previously, Ladder’s pre-workout had just the one taste to choose from with Strawberry Lemonade, so the new release is a welcomed addition to the family. As for what that product actually is, it’s a common combination of two fruity flavors with pineapple and mango, which the brand has appropriately called Tropical Fruit.

Fans of Ladder can grab the flavor through its website in all of the same options as the original Strawberry Lemonade with lots of 15, 30, and 45 sachets, as well as the recently released 30 serving bag.

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