VasoJet to introduce a new NO3-T nitrate innovation named NatruNitrate

Feb 25th, 2020
man sports vasojet

MAN Sports dropped the first look at its intriguing new supplement VasoJet in the last couple of months of 2019, only revealing that it is indeed a product built to improve pumps. Almost four months later, we are now much closer to the launch of the supplement, and to get everyone interested, we’ve got a bit of information about what’s going to be in it.

Since MAN Sports’ VasoJet is a capsule formula, it obviously won’t be packing huge amounts of active ingredients like some of the flavored pump pre-workouts out there. While we don’t know everything that’s going to be in the product, we can confirm one of its main features, which is actually a premium branded ingredient that’s yet to hit the market.

MAN Sports and VasoJet are going to be the first brand and supplement to utilize NatruNitrate from NO3-T, the same company responsible for the nitrates in almost all of our top-rated pump products. We don’t have all of the details on NatruNitrate just yet, but based on the name, it sounds like a natural ingredient providing a high percentage of nitrates.

VasoJet is also said to be a multi-pathway pump supplement, so as exciting as NO3-T’s NatruNitrate sounds, it won’t be all that’s in the upcoming MAN Sports product. The still very mysterious formula is hitting the market in the coming months, with the previously previewed returns of Pure PF3 and Lean PhD due to arrive sometime soon as well.