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Muscletech’s previously exclusive Peak Series is now at A1 Supplements

muscletech peak series

Muscletech’s Peak Series is a line of supplements introduced almost one year ago as an exclusive to its retail partner, The Vitamin Shoppe. The family initially consisted of five different products with a protein, pre-workout, fat burner, amino, and performance formula. A few months later, the brand welcomed two more items to the series with a flavored fat burner and an endurance supplement.

In the US, the originally exclusive Peak Series has become available outside of The Vitamin Shoppe, and can now be purchased over at A1 Supplements. The retailer’s website has added four of Muscletech’s first five products in the line, with the pre-workout, protein, amino, and fat burner. The new stockist is also listing the majority of the supplements at slightly better prices than the Vitamine Shoppe.

Over at A1 Supplements you can grab Muscletech’s Peak Series amino, pre-workout, or fat burner at $29.99 per bottle, whereas The Vitamin Shoppe has the pre and amino at $34.99 and the fat burner at $39.99. As for the Peak Series protein powder, that one will cost the same whether you go to A1 Supplements or The Vitamin Shoppe, with a price of $29.99 for a typical 2lb tub.

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