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Myprotein launches a fairly simple glycogen metabolism supplement

myprotein carb metaboliser

Carb Metaboliser is the newest addition to Myprotein’s huge lineup of supplements on its international website. As per its name, the product is designed to provide support for protein and glycogen metabolism. The all-new supplement comes with a combination of vitamins alongside white kidney bean extract.

The exact dosages of each ingredient in Myprotein’s Carb Metaboliser start with a gram of white kidney bean extract; then, you have 8mg of niacin, 1.4mg of vitamin B6, and 5mcg of vitamin B12. All of those features are wrapped up in a two-capsule serving, which the brand directs users to have before a carbohydrate-heavy meal.

As mentioned, Myprotein’s Carb Metaboliser is now available through its international website, not to be confused with its US one at The product has two size options to choose from with a 15 serving, 30 capsule bottle at £14.99 (19.51 USD), and a 45 serving at £29.99 (39.04 USD).