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First-ever beverage from Nutrabolics will be a CBD energy drink

nutrabolics nocturnal

In 2019 we saw Nutrabolics put together some intriguing products, including the wholesome Feed protein bar and the nighttime formula Blackout that came with blue light blocking glasses. This week we’ve got a preview of Nutrabolics’ first new release for 2020, and it is yet another exciting creation from the Canadian brand.

Due to launch sometime very soon is Nutrabolics Nocturnal, which is not only the brand’s first new product for 2020, but also its first-ever beverage. Nocturnal is going to be a tasty, all-natural energy drink powered by caffeine, and to set it apart from the many other energy drinks on the market; it is infused with CBD.

At the moment, we don’t know the specifics in terms of dosages for the caffeine or CBD, or any of Nutrabolics Nocturnal’s nutrition numbers. The few details above are all the brand is revealing for now, although as we get closer to its impending release, all of those important pieces of information will of course be shared.