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AI developed OWN Protein Bar is dropping its original coconut flavor

own your hunger coconut protein bar

The OWN Protein Bar was the product that got quite a bit of attention when it was introduced last year due to it being uniquely developed with AI technology. When the product eventually became available, you got three flavors to choose from in Belgian Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and the one in the spotlight today, Coconut.

The reason the OWN Protein Bar’s Coconut flavor is in the headlines this week is that it is being discontinued due to the brand feeling like it was missing a little something. OWN has, however, confirmed that it’s not technically gone completely, as it is already working on a more complex coconut flavor to take the original’s place.

The brand is currently deciding between two all-new coconut OWN Protein Bar creations to move forward put into production with the fruit-infused Coconut Lime or Coconut Cashew. Both options feature the product’s usual 20g of protein with a light one gram of net carbohydrates, 10g of fat, and a lean total of 200 calories.

We’ll be sure to share details when we get confirmation on the direction OWN and its Protein Bar end up going in, but for now, the brand’s original Coconut flavor is out of stock on its official website.

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