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Draco set to replace Pitbull Labs’ hard-hitting XXX with a more complete experience

pitbull labs draco pre-workout

The recently relaunched Pitbull Labs, who made an incredible amount of noise last year with its intense, hard-hitting pre-workout XXX, is looking to keep things going here in early 2020. The brand has previewed another stimulant powered pre-workout that will actually replace the powerful XXX in the coming months, called ‘Draco’.

While Pitbull Labs Draco intends to replace XXX, it is not going to provide the same experience, although it will still obviously be very effective. Draco has actually been designed as a more comprehensive pre-workout providing a wider and more balanced range of benefits as opposed to XXX, which is mostly about energy and focus.

Another new feature of Pitbull Labs’ upcoming Draco is that it’s going to feature a new look for the brand. That look comes with a little more detail in the background and overall design, and of course, maintains the brand’s signature pitbull illustration.