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REPP’s almost three-year-old pre-workout Broken Arrow is getting an update

repp sports broken arrow

Several years ago, the black, grey, and neon yellow brand REPP Sports hit the market with a DMHA powered pre-workout in Reactr. Within the first year the supplement company was available; it followed up Reactr with another stimulant powered pre-workout that also contained the popular DMHA with Broken Arrow.

All these years later, REPP Sports has a lot more products on the market, but now it has decided it is time to give back and update one of its earlier supplements. The brand has announced that its latter pre-workout Broken Arrow is relaunching within the next couple of months with an all-new and still intense, formula.

As mentioned, REPP Sports’ Broken Arrow is a few years old, so it will be interesting to see what the brand has done to the product to take on the now much more competitive pre-workout category. The supplement’s updated formula is due to be revealed later this month with its availability to come shortly after.