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First Elements Series supplement from RYSE dropping in a couple of weeks

ryse elements series

RYSE is looking to have one of its biggest years to date and started it all off a few weeks ago with the announcement of Jeremy Buendia joining the team. It has now revealed plans to introduce a new collection of supplements in 2020 called the Elements Series, which is going to be a more basic, essential type family of products.

The line is being kicked off with a traditional liquid carnitine formula available in two strengths, one with 1.5g of carnitine per serving, and the other with twice that amount at 3g. As simple and as common as that supplement may sound, RYSE is planning to launch it in a variety of flavors, one of which has apparently never been done before.

RYSE is looking to welcome its Elements Series with the liquid carnitine product within the next couple of weeks. There are, of course, more supplements to come in the line that will keep with that straightforward, essential style theme.