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Tropical confirmed as the flavor of the second crowd-sourced RAZE Energy

tropical raze energy drink

Last week REPP Sports took the first step in building its second crowd-sourced flavored of RAZE Energy by asking fans to vote on what the upcoming product should taste like. The team gave its followers four flavors to vote on via Instagram with Tart, Tropical, Berry, and Coffee, with our favorites being Tropical and Berry.

REPP Sports has now counted up the votes and confirmed that the flavor of its second crowd-sourced RAZE Energy is, in fact, going to be Tropical. That flavor can actually be done in several different ways, so while we do know that it’s going to be a tropical fruit-themed beverage, it’s all going to come down to how the brand executes it.

The next step in REPP Sports’ crowd-sourcing process is to pick a name for the Tropical RAZE Energy drink, which fans and followers will be called upon again later this week to vote between another lot of options.