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Delicious 3D Energy drink is getting an eye-catching silver-colored flavor

silver 3d energy drink

The 3D Energy drink, which we consider to be one of the best-tasting energy beverages on the market, is getting another flavor featuring an eye-catching silver can. The brand has previewed the product as you can see in the image above; however, like most of its other flavors, you can only gauge what it tastes like based on the color.

While the flavor of the great-looking silver 3D Energy drink is a bit of a mystery, the brand is already putting a lot of hype behind. 3D has said the upcoming product could be its best tasting effort to date. That would be exciting since a lot of its flavors that are currently available are some of the tastiest in the space, such as the Orange, Purple, and Green.

With so little information to go off, all we can say right now is we’re just as hyped for the silver 3D Energy drink as the brand itself. The product also sounds like it’s not too far away from launch and is going to be available for purchase through 3D’s major retail partner, GNC.

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