Sneak previews its colorful Bloc shaker ahead of its Wednesday release

Feb 10th, 2020
sneak bloc shaker

Later this week on Wednesday, the stylish and growing gaming supplement company Sneak, is coming out with another awesome looking shaker. The team has dubbed the bottle, ‘The Bloc Shaker’, which will be available for purchase through the brand’s online store at, and if it’s anything like its other bottles, it’ll cost you $15 each.

As for the design of Sneak’s The Bloc Shaker, it is certainly a colorful effort featuring an aqua or turquoise 700ml bottle and lid, with the lid’s cap in an even more eye-catching magenta. The brand’s logo is of course, on the product as well, printed down the side of the shaker with black text on a white background, and boldly outlined in black.

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